Theming & Decoration

Freedom of form - Water based - Lightweight - Reproduction
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A1 let you create whatever scenery you need and can be used in a wide variety of areas. The main advantages of using A1 for your scenery are:

- Freedom of form. Because A1 is laminated or sprayed it is not limited in its final form. Straight, curved or even multi dimensional curved forms are possible.

- Choose your own final look and feel. A1 can be pigmented, mixed with fillers like colored sand or simply painted which gives you lots of opportunities to create your own final look and feel.

- Lightweight because of the possible use of triaxial fibre as reinforcement. Four layers of our triaxial fibre creates lightweight and strong elements which will have a thickness of less than 1 cm. Also helpfull during transportation or strorage.

- Water based so safe to work with. No special equipment is needed while working with A1. Your own workshop area will do because A1 is water based. You will be surprised how easy it is to work with A1.

- Reproduction of your scenery is very easy with the use of silicone moulds. Create whatever number of reproductions you need. A1 will not damage your silicone mould and no extra precautions are needed to demould your work.

- Simple and fast on-off objects with the combination of EPS and A1. Create an EPS object and cover it with a layer of A1.

- Fire resistant because A1 LP01 in relation to its reaction to fire behaviour is classified: B. The additional classification in relation to smoke production is: s1. The additional classification in relation to flaming droplets / particles is: d0.