Sculpture - Hironori Kawabata

Hironori Kawabata, our distributor for Japan, made this sulpture "Kenmuon" - The Specter of the tree in the Amami forest (h195cm x w125cm x d90cm A1). The sculpture can be seen at the National Art Center in Tokyo. 


This is what Hironori wrote on his facebook about the project:
'Finally I've finished the task of my latest sculpture. I had a lot of challenges at this time. Because I'm not familiar with moulding by acrylic resin for such a big and complex sculpture. I'm thankful for all my supporters who helped me. My office friends, they carried this heavy sculpture from my studio to the ship which transport to the place of exhibition. And my only disciple Aoi and another university students who studying sculpture at Kagoshima university. They helped to repair my work. I had the feeling to give up many times during this moulding. But I accomplished to finish all the tasks by their support. Thank you all!'


More info on Hironori's work you can find on his website.